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At Bedoya Design, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of every space, crafting distinctive and unforgettable experiences. Our interior design philosophy revolves around the art of translating our clients' brand identities and values into reality, utilizing a meticulous curation of materials, furnishings, and decor. We are acutely aware of how the design of a space can fundamentally shape its perception and utility. This is why we engage in close collaboration with our clients to grasp their vision and objectives.

From commercial environments to residential abodes, our commitment is to engineer spaces that not only exude aesthetic allure but also seamlessly serve their intended functions. Our ardor for design and unwavering attention to minutiae empower us to craft tailor-made spaces that etch indelible impressions.


Stefany Bedoya

Creative Director|Designer


Interior Design / Furniture Design / Project Management / Styling/ Set Design

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